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We tend to assume that ethics and anti-corruption compliance are complementary ingredients in the recipe for good governance. Let us consider whether, in some situations, anti-corruption compliance might violate ethics that are ordinarily seen as virtues. Indeed, whether it might already be harming not only good governance, but also good government. 


Incentives when compliance rules seem to eliminate our purpose in working for the company.

This article is about positive incentives to NOT pay bribes and to NOT submit to extortion; it is about finding a purpose; and it is about finding answers hidden in plain sight. This article is for people at all corporate levels and throughout all the links in the supply chain, who either believe in the correctness of anti-corruption compliance, or who are risk-averse to the...


Innovation is the distinctive characteristic of modern economies and has been the common factor for sustainable economic development since the industrial revolution.


Article published by International Tranfer Pricing Journal on July 2014. 


The Energy Regulation and Market Review: Ecuador Chapter 2014”. Editor: David L. Schwartz. London – England, 2014. Law Business Research Ltd. 


Brief Q&A regarding Anti-corruption practice in Ecuador. 


IFLR published this interesting article written by partner Xavier Sisa on Ecuador´s social security system. 


This article was published by the European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA).


Essay written by Byron Robayo, published by the Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property. 


Article published by International Transfer Pricing Journal on February 2013. 


Guide for Anti-corruption practices from Getting the Deal Through, 2011. 


Article published by the International Transfer Pricing Journal, 2010 (Volume 17) Number 3.