Oil & Gas

The area of hydrocarbons provides comprehensive advisory in the oil and gas industry. It starts from legal consultancy in the structuration of businesses in said industry. It also provides a holistic analysis about the risks the country faces against this sector, and it gives advice on protection of domestic and foreign investments.

Paz Horowitz Abogados offers permanent support during the development of the operation, including the processes of purchase and sale of assets and, in general, for the development of businesses in the oil and gas industry.

Among our services:

  • Elaboration of due diligence processes. 
  • Corporative, occupational and tributary advice.
  • Guidance on the protection of projects and investments.
  • Counsel on obtaining licenses, permits and authorizations for the development of hydrocarbon operations.
  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts, such as: operating agreements, oil and gas exploration and exploitation contracts, oil delivery contracts, production, processing, storage, transportation, refining, and specialized technical services in general.
  • Advice on the optimization of production in mature fields, and improved recovery.
  • Counseling on the regulatory framework of the oil industry.
  • Analysis and valutation of disputes on oil and gas issues.
  • Support in processes of consultation to the community, and negotation of rights of way. 

Competitive advantages:

  • The firm has extensive experience within the oil industry, thus has been advising the largest oil companies in the country, as well as multinational suppliers of services in the sector.
  • It counts with specialized areas, in order to provide advice on the different matters applied to hydrocarbons.
  • It has a global vision of the oil sector, its regulations and policies.