Paz Horowitz Abogados has a solid practice in mining since its foundation, leaded by Jorge Paz Durini, with many years of experience in the sector, both inside and outside the country. We are characterized by an effective and satisfying advice within the regulatory framework due to our vast experience in the sector.

The Firm is recognized as leader in the area both locally and internationally. Providing services to the biggest mining corporation at a global level, in the different activities that involve the obtaining of mining rights, celebration of agreements with the Government, compliance of the obligations, mining concessionaries, negotiation and drafting of operational and association agreements, purchase processes of mining projects, all which have taken our clients to develop their business in Ecuador in a safe and efficient way.

Among our services:

  • Legal advice in the establishment of mining companies and businesses, processes to obtain the qualification as subject of mining rights.
  • Legal advice on taxation regulation applicable to mining projects, as well as in all establishment processes for operation of specialized services as drilling, studies, etc.
  • Obtaining of mining concessions for the development of mining activities in all its stages, in metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals, as well as in construction materials.
  • Advice and negotiation on exploitation contracts that must be agreed by and between the government, as well as the reviewing of the previous agreed contracts.
  • Legal advice and joint participation with the company in bidding processes of mining concessions.
  • Legal advice, negotiation and drafting of mining contracts, such as operational, association and easement and other agreements.
  • Legal advice on claims and administrative claims.
  • Approval processes of the environmental impact studies and help in the obtaining of environmental licenses.
  • Support on processes of community consultation and coordination with the Ministry of Environment.
  • Legal advice in the compliance of obligations set for the mining concessionary, such as conservation patents, presentation of production reports and others.

Competitive advantages:

  • Professionals with extensive experience on mining legislation for over 25 years.
  • Input in the drafting and reviewing of the projects of the Mining Law.
  • Leader Law Firm recognized by its outstanding legal services in mining law.
  • Active participation in the negotiation of exploitation agreements with the Government.
  • Knowledge of the different modalities for the development of the mining business in Ecuador, and the implementation of association and/or operational agreements.