Paz Horowitz Abogados has over 25 years of experience advising multinational clients on corporate and contractual matters. The Firm has led important M&A processes for major mining, oil, education, tourism and other companies. We have also successfully implemented corporate reorganizations of several large corporations, including the wholesalers of car manufacturers.

We have carried out complex judicial processes, achieving an effective intervention with other countries. All the projects that we have conducted have been successful, with positive results for all parties through our negotiations, this thanks to our experience in negotiation and knowledge of alternatives, all which allows a safe solution to the issues that may arise.

Among our services:

  • Due diligence in M&A processes in corporate, labour, tax, real estate, antitrust, IP, environmental, energy and natural resources matters.
  • Analysis and implementation of corporate structures, including companies in different jurisdictions.
  • Negotiation, and closing of M&A agreements.
  • Drafting and reviewing the agreements for the implementation of the business.
  • Legal counseling in financing processes.
  • Economic and tax analysis of the process.

Competitive advantages:

  • 25 years of experience in corporate and commercial matters, and M&A processes.
  • National and international experience in the matter.
  • Legal counsel advice including an economic perspective analysis.
  • Our team works jointly with experts in different fields to provide a complete and integral legal counsel that allows our clients to implement their projects in accordance to the different laws and regulations.