Paz Horowitz Abogados is distinguished for the avoiding of unnecessary costs to their customers, anticipating cases in which litigation is undesirable, and the cases in which litigation is the only option.

As part of the experience of the Firm, we have represented several national and foreign companies in legal proceedings for damages, moral damages, repairs for consumer protections, administrative matters and arbitration processes. The litigation area has the advantage of having litigated at the major courts and cities in the country, for which we clearly know how to handle litigation in Ecuador.

Among our services there are several issues that differ by the nature of each case.

Competitive advantages:

  • National coverage of law understandings of the practice in the different jurisdictions due to experience in various courts Ecuador.
  • High percentage of judgments in favor of our clients, avoiding corrupt practices, and upholding our commitment to avoid unnecessary litigation.
  • Our practice withholds a complete vision of the business, of the reputation of the company and external factors to litigation that may be relevant.