Labor and Employment

Paz Horowitz Abogados works proactively with its clients. The Firm is known for its unique capability of understanding client's needs and finding positive solutions that work within local legislation, and help avoid litigation.

The Firm has been very effective in providing employment audits to uncover and address potential problems before lawsuits and administrative actions arise.

The team has vast experience handling day to day issues concerning individual labor relationships, such as contracts, internal labor regulations, issues arising out of profit sharing, and general advice regarding accomplishment of the labor regulations in Ecuador. The Firm has also been very active in terms of handling issues related to labor unions and bargaining agreement negotiations.

The Firm has developed the experience to handle cases and litigation all over the country, including major cities in Ecuador, relevant cities in the oil and mining industry and has a strong presence in the Galápagos Islands.

Among our services:

  • Audits in labour matters.
  • Joint legal advice with the litigation group, for a successful handling of several issues in labour matters, including complaints for unjustified dismissals, accidents at work and other related issues.
  • Counseling for employers on issues relating handling of their business.
  • Drafting and reviewing labour agreements.

Competitive advantages:

  • Successful management of collective labor disputes.
  • High rate of dispute resolution in favor of the interests of our customers.
  • Participation in negotiations to avoid future contingencies.
  • Our team is led by Leopoldo Gonzalez, considered leader in its field by Chambers and Partners.
  • Participation of one of our partners in the processes of discussion about labor reforms at the National Assembly.