Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property team has received international recognition as a leader in intellectual property. Our success is largely due to the constant control over the registration and litigation process, creativity in resolving disputes, clear and complete communication with our customers.

We are proud that our customers feel satisfied with the advice we provide them in important areas such as: patents, trademarks, copyrights, border measures and actions against piracy, as well as our experience in health records, and good manufacturing practices.

The Intellectual Property team produces creative and cutting-edge legal work, such as:

  • First sound mark registration in South America.
  • First electronic application from Ecuador in the USA of an Ecuadorian trademark.
  • First recognition of an Ecuadorian Denomination of Origin.
  • First registration in the world of a Tactile Trademark.
  • Use of new criminal procedures in enforcing IP rights against pirates and counterfeiters.

Among our services:

  • Due Diligence, Audits and General Protection of Intangible Assets.
  • Management and protection of personal data, protection of intimacy and privacy rights (confidential information).
  • Protection of trade, commercial and professional secrets.
  • Implementation and development of confidentiality agreements.
  • Structuring, design and training in franchises.
  • Trademark licensing agreements, copyright and plant varieties.
  • Legal Branding (working directly with marketing and design groups within client companies in order to develop strong trademarks against counterfeiting).
  • Draftings of management and technology transfer agreements.

Competitive advantages:

  • We have professionals practicing in the United States as Elizabeth Morgan who performs her legal practice in the Patent and Trademark United States from Ecuador.
  • Cost efficient fees that allows us to offer trademark services in the United States at less than the average applied by US companies as indicated in the Economic Report 2015 value.
  • Efficient handling of all matters related to litigation procedures.