The area of immigration provides legal advice to individuals and also to legal entities in their immigration processes for the foreign personnel in Ecuador.

The immigration department knows the advantages, disadvantages and even possible contingents of the various types of immigration categories that allow us to advise our clients on the most appropriate immigration type for each case as needed.

We work closely with the corporate, tax and labor areas in order to coordinate jointly the start-up, business activities and employment policies of our clients that guarantee the compliance with Ecuadorian laws.

Among our services:

  • Legal advice in processes of “due diligence” and “RTW – Right to Work” related to procedures and immigration documents.
  • Legal advice for the obtaining Visas in Ecuador or at the Ecuadorian Consulates abroad. Legal advice to obtain Non-Immigrant Visas (Category 12) and immigrant Visas/Permanent Residency (Category 9).
  • Legal advice to obtain an Ecuadorian ID, recognition of nationality and naturalization.
  • Legal advice in hiring foreign personnel.
  • Legal advice for legalizations and/or Apostille of documentation.

Competitive advantages:

  • Ethical services under our policy- hallmark “Doing well by doing it right".
  • Extensive experience in the immigration sector providing legal advice to small, medium and large projects in several economic sectors.
  • Great knowledge of the matter and the services to be provided.
  • Service with the highest standards of excellence, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.
  • General overview around the world of the migration, considering cooperation with foreign entities.