The aviation practice in Paz Horowitz Abogados is one of the largest and most renowned areas in Ecuador. It involves every aspect related with aviation, such as aviation law, liability, insurances, environmental, labor, litigation, administrative, tax, corporate, regulatory, customs law, and in general all legal issues arising from the value chain of the aviation industry.

The aviation area is determined by the cost benefit concept applied to each of the legal processes. The use of technological tools allows us to provide a more efficient service to our customers.

Among our services: 

  • Analysis of legal vehicles to start operations linked to air transportation in Ecuador, obtaining operational permits in different modalities, obtaining aircraft's registration, recognition of the AOC Certificate (AOCR) of the airline in Ecuador, and others.
  • Tax advisory specialized in aviation.
  • Legal advice on negotiation for bilateral agreements.
  • Preparation and registration of contracts related to aircraft operation.
  • Registration of itineraries, flight cancellations, rerouting and other regulatory operational matters.
  • Obtaining authorizations for charter flights, seasonal flights, non-scheduled operations, additional flights, private flights, and more modalities.
  • Procedural and administrative litigation specialized in aviation.
  • Specialized advisory in helicopter operations.


Competitive advantages:

  • Paz Horowitz Abogados aviation area has a comprehensive compliance approach contributing to an ethical and transparent practice with high standards all through any legal process. This is the distinctive hallmark of the area compared to other law firms in Ecuador.
  • The aviation area of the Firm has 25 years of experience providing legal services to national and international clients.
  • The integration of young professionals in the area has contributed in the implementation of innovative and efficient use of technology in the aviation field.
  • Our team of lawyers have a legal international perspective in the aviation industry in order to coordinate legal issues in several jurisdictions in Latin America.
  • Zeroing (0) fines or penalties due to the implementation of high standards of compliance to our clients.